Monday, February 14, 2011

Peltier cooler: DIY part one

So I finally got a peltier cooler from ebay last week. You can buy one for about $5 (depending on postage it could be more). I dropped some water on it while being connected to my PSU (14.5V, 23A) and it froze almost instantly. However, when I tried a larger amount of water (13 mL, a volume of one ice-cube), it never froze. The problem is in the cooler block on the other side, because it's not efficient enough. The whole system overheats after a couple of minutes.

Here is a picture of the setup of the first experiment (PSU not visible):
peltier cooler with heat sink attached
(click to view in full size)

And here is a temperature/time plot of the experiment. Note that temperature is in degrees Celsius.

temperature plot
(again, click to view in full size)


  1. I never could pick up on this stuff when I was younger.

  2. I keep wondering if this stuff can eventually be used to make freeze rays.