Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Pi has arrived

After a long, long wait and countless delays, it's finally here.
The Raspberry Pi.
I ordered one on day 0, the rarest of all dates - 29. February, along with hundreds of thousands of other enthusiasts, and after exactly three months it arrived in the mail.
I didn't have much time to play around with it yet, so just a few quick thoughts:
It's really picky about the SD cards and power supplies. The SD card issues are being fixed with the firmware upgrades though, and hopefully it will support more cards as they figure out the problems.
My plan is to build a weather station based on the Pi and some sensors. For now there will only be the bare minimum pressure and temperature sensor BMP085 but I will be adding others over time.
Some pics:
The first encounter
The first successful boot - I had to use a different SD card, power supply, and boot settings to make it work.
The pic is crappy because the phone's camera is crappy.
Pi over SSH - very smooth and easy to set up.
This is it for now, I will be adding new posts when I really start to work on the weather station.

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